Maintain A Gravel Drive Using A 4-In-1 Bucket

If you need to maintain a gravel drive, using a 4-In-1 bucket and land plane is a great way to go about it.

This video features a gravel driveway that’s about 75 yards (68.6 m) long and runs along the shady side of the property owner’s home, where grandkids love to play in the summertime.

When they added a patio to the east side of the house, the driveway was flush with the surface of the patio. But over time, the gravel has spread out and worn away, and the step up from the drive to the patio has led to a few skinned knees and teary eyes. Now is the time to restore that level so the grandkids don’t keep tripping over it, and smooth everything out for a nice even finish.

The equipment we used.

For this project, we’ll be using a John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor (US CA). It has 25 engine horsepower (18.64 kW) and a hydrostatic transmission. We’ve also added a Mauser cab, and a 120R loader with a lift capacity of more than 1,000 pounds (453.6 kg).

On the business end of that loader, Jermayne will attach the Frontier 4-in-1 Bucket (US CA). This 4-in-1 bucket is a real multi-tool because with the optional third function valve we added to our tractor, the bucket can be opened and closed. So it can function as a materials bucket, a dozing tool, a grading tool, and a grapple.

First, Jermayne will hook up the 4-in-1 bucket by attaching it to the loader and securing it in place with the locking pins. Then, he’ll hook up the hydraulic hoses to the third function valve.

Next, using the iMatchTM Quick Hitch, he’ll hook up the Frontier Land Plane (US CA) we’ve added to our equipment package. The iMatch Quick Hitch makes hooking up 3-point implements as easy as can be. He’ll just focus on the top hook, and everything else falls into place. Then he’ll close the locking levers, and he’s ready to get to work.

Getting started.

In the video, you’ll see we’ve had a load of gravel positioned just off the driveway, and Jermayne will begin by spreading gravel where the driveway and patio come together.

He can use the 4-In-1 bucket like a materials bucket to scoop and dump the gravel in place.

Or, he can use the grapple function like a skilled dump truck driver to just sort of paint it into position.

Next, Jermayne can use the dozing function to spread it out, clean it off the edge of the porch, and make sure the gravel is up to the porch level.

Then, with the grading function, he can get a good view of his progress by looking through the open bucket, while beginning to smooth the gravel into a gentle slope away from the porch.

Finally, he’ll switch to the land plane, also known as a driveway leveler, and will smooth new gravel from the porch area, all the way to the end of drive. In less than an hour, he’s brought the driveway surface up level with the porch, spread gravel all along the length of the drive, and created a smooth, level surface that will serve the land owner’s family well for a good, long time.

Broad and deep.

Frontier has nearly 600 implements that are available only from your John Deere dealer, the place to go for advice and equipment.

So remember, for implements that help turn your tractor into the workhorse it was built to be, think Frontier and your John Deere dealer.

And lastly, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.


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