How to carry hand-tools on your tractor.

Every now and then, some projects, especially landscaping projects, need a little help from a few other tools. The question is, how do you carry hand-tools on your tractor to the work site safely, easily and conveniently?

Well, problem solved with John Deere Tool Storage (US CA). Another example of how the best ideas are often the most simple.

To demonstrate, we’re using a John Deere 3032E Compact Utility Tractor (US CA) we’ve packaged with a loader and Frontier Mechanical Grapple (US CA), an iMatchTM Quick Hitch (US CA), and a John Deere Ballast Box (US CA).

At the heart of the Tool Storage Unit are just two simple parts – a receiving mount, and a carry mount. Fit together, they measure about 3 inches tall by about 2 inches square.

Here’s how it works.

First, Josh attached four receiving mounts to our tractor – one on each side of the tractor’s iMatch Quick Hitch, and one on each side of the ballast box. Then he drilled two small holes for each receiving mount and attached each using self-tapping screws. Then he attached a rubber bumper in the center hole of each to help eliminate noise during transport.

Next, he attached receiving mounts to the wall in the shed for storing the tools and inserted the rubber bumpers in the center holes. After bolting one of several tool storage attachments to each carry mount, he just attached the carry mounts to the receiving mounts, and secured each with a simple locking pin.

These tool storage attachments can accommodate long-handled tools like shovels or rakes, or  bulky tools like a chainsaw, a leaf blower, a length of chain – or just about any other hand tools or accessories you might need at a work site.

You can even angle the carry mount left or right as needed on your tractor

The Tool Storage system also offers a ROPS Rack mounted between the ROPS posts behind the operator. It’s dual-sided and accommodates up to two long-handled tools secured with rubber locking belts, and other small tools secured with rubber clamps.

To carry hand-tools on your tractor, just remove the locking pin and move a carry mount with a loaded tool storage attachment from the shed to your tractor. Then hook it onto one of the receiving mounts attached to the tractor, and lock it in place with the same locking pin.

Before you know it you’ve got your tools on your tractor and you’re ready to roll.

With the Tool Storage system, it’s almost like you brought your whole tool shed to your work site with you. Safe. Secure. Easy to use. And when you’re done, the tools in their carry mounts go right back on your shed wall for storage when not in use.

Now don’t forget, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment, and follow all operating and safety instructions.

And remember, if you’re looking for equipment that’s built to get the job done season after season, year after year, you’ll find it – and all kinds of advice on how to use it – every day at your John Deere dealer.


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