Clean Up Tree Branches With A Root Grapple

If you need to clean up tree branches by hand, it can be a daunting task, depending on the size and number of the piles. But if you’ve outfitted yourself with the right equipment for the job, then you’re probably going to clean up tree branches with a root grapple.

The right equipment package.

For this clean up tree branches project, we’ve matched our 53-inch (134.6 cm) Frontier Root Grapple (US CA) with a John Deere 2025R Compact Utility Tractor (US CA). It has plenty of horsepower and the hydrostatic transmission that helps make any project go as smoothly as possible.

We’ve also added a Mauser cab for operator comfort and safety, and a 120R loader (US CA) with a lift capacity of more than 1,000 pounds (453.6 kg). And, when we spec’d the tractor, we added a third function hydraulic valve, which will allow the grapple to open and close.

Time to clean up tree branches.

Step #1 for any project around your property is to get all your tools ready to work. So first, Jermayne will hook up the root grapple by sliding the loader carrier into the top hangers on the root grapple. The grapple’s flat bottom allows it to sit upright without the need for a parking stand, which makes this process especially easy.

Then Jermayne will lift and roll back the carrier and the root grapple will fall into place. Then he’ll lower the implement, turn off the engine, set the parking brake, and insert the locking pins.

After it’s last use, Jermayne connected the hydraulic hoses together to make sure they would stay clean. Now he’ll separate them and hook them up to the third function hydraulic hoses.

Then he’ll hook up the Frontier Land Plane (US CA) for ballast using the iMatchTM Quick Hitch. All he has to do is focus on the top hook, and everything else falls into place. With the iMatch Quick Hitch, you never have to get off the tractor to hook up compatible 3-point implements. Then he’ll close the locking levers to secure the implement, and he’s ready to get to work.

Using a chain saw and extended limb lopper, the property owner had already trimmed several trees around the house and tossed them into a pile.

So Jermayne used the root grapple to pick them up and put them on a trailer for transport to a disposal site.

As you can see, a great approach to clean up tree branches like this is to drive the root grapple into the pile with the bottom of the grapple level with and slightly above the ground, and the grapple clamp wide open. This way, Jermayne could really maximize the volume of debris he could grab in one load.

Then he rolled back the fully loaded grapple and raised the loader just high enough so he could see underneath the load. That’s so he could get a clear view of the trailer where he’ll dump the limbs.

A little practice goes a long way.

If you’re new to operating this kind of loader attachment and how it’s controlled with the joy stick to clean up tree branches or other debris, you’ll get a feel for it and be very comfortable after just a little practice. And when you’re using it for this kind of work remember – it’s debris! You can’t hurt it!

Frontier has nearly 600 implements that are available only from your John Deere dealer, the place to go for advice and equipment.

So remember, for implements that help turn your tractor into the workhorse it was built to be, think Frontier and your John Deere dealer.

And lastly, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.


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