Get Down To Dirt: Jeremy & Donna

In 2015, five small-farm owners in Canada were given a John Deere tractor to use for 10 weeks. Each of them was loaned a John Deere 3E Compact Utility Tractor or a 5E Utility Tractor. In exchange, we asked them to film what life was like on their farm for just a few minutes each. Some had never owned a tractor. Others usually borrowed a tractor from a neighbor to use when needed. And some of them already had a few pieces of their own equipment. These Get Down To Dirt videos are their stories about their experiences with using the tractor. These stories also appeared in the John Deere Journal.

Jeremy and Donna Bartlett helped form Tavistock Hop Company three years ago and currently grow 6 acres of trellised and irrigated hops. It may not sound like much, but there are only about 250 total acres of hops currently grown in Canada and it’s a stark contrast from the more traditional crops that are grown around their farm.

Successfully growing high-quality hops requires diligent management and care. So, throughout the growing season, it’s all-hands-on-deck to help weed, train and tie up the hops, harvest the crop, and maintain the yard.

Off the farm, Jeremy works as a paramedic, and Donna works as a dental assistant. The Bartlett children keep busy attending school, running in cross country meets, and participating in other activities. So time management for the family is a constant struggle.


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