Jeremy & Corie Unruh

Jeremy and Corie Unruh have very different backgrounds. Jeremy grew up in north central Oklahoma on a farm where the family raised wheat, cattle, hay, pigs, and sheep. Corie, on the other hand, grew up in a suburb of the Kansas City area. But they were both drawn to the lifestyle that owning and caring for a large property could afford them and their two children.

Prior to purchasing the property featured here, they lived on five acres about 10 miles to the west in a house they had built. In fact, they weren’t really looking for a new home – or new challenge – when this 13-acre property came across their radar. But they had been talking about their current home and changes they might want to make. So they took a chance, called their realtor and made an appointment to see the house that day.

“I didn’t even want to go in,” Corie said, “but the land was beautiful, the sunset was beautiful, we’ll try to make the rest work.”

Jeremy and Corie are very hands-on, do-it-yourself kind of homeowners. They get a great deal of satisfaction from doing a lot the work themselves whenever possible. When they became aware of our Send Us Your Tip Idea program, Jeremy contacted us and said “We love what you guys are doing. Here’s a list of projects we’re going to do. If you guys want to come out and show other people how to do them, that would be great.”

And that’s why we landed at Jeremy and Corie Unruh’s place to Build A Retaining Wall; Get Downspout Drainage Away From The Foundation; and Install A Drywell. 


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