How to use a subsoiler to eliminate standing water.

If you have a patch of hardpan on your place and need to eliminate standing water, a subsoiler is a great tool for helping it drain properly.

Standing water is often the result of having hard, compacted soil that probably has a lot of clay in it. The water isn’t draining through that compacted soil and it’s just sitting there, or running off, maybe into your neighbor’s pasture, robbing your ground of valuable moisture. A Frontier Subsoiler (US CA) is a simple tool that will break up that hard packed soil beneath the surface, helping eliminate standing water by letting the water drain away, giving you a better managed, better producing pasture. It has a vertical shaft with an angled point on the bottom that will break up the soil up to 24 inches deep. The shank is sharp enough to leave just a slit in the surface that will close up nicely by running back over with your tractor’s rear tire. In this video, we matched our subsoiler with a John Deere 2025R (US CA) Compact Utility Tractor.

Another common use for a subsoiler is to cut the roots of trees and hedges that lie along the edge of a fence line or between one property and another. The subsoiler will cut those roots beneath the surface and help control the size of the hedge row by not letting it draw moisture from your pasture.

And remember, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.

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