How To Use A Wood Chipper

In this video, we’re matching a Frontier Wood Chipper (US CA) with a John Deere 5115 (US CA) Utility Tractor.

Now, if you want to learn how to use a wood chipper, you only need to see one operate for about two seconds to understand why following proper operating procedure is so important. So here are some wood chipper safety tips on doing it right.

  1. Make sure your wood chipper is on level ground before beginning operation.
  1. An operating wood chipper generates quite a bit of vibration. So tighten all nuts and bolts before every operation.
  1. Always wear eye and ear protection, snug-fitting clothing, and heavy work gloves.
  1. Be careful about the limb width you put into the chip opening, making sure the diameter doesn’t exceed your equipment’s specification. Trying to chip material too large for your wood chipper can severely damage the machine.
  1. Only chip natural, untreated wood. Wood that has been treated with chemicals can damage your chipper’s knives and other internal moving parts.
  1. Make sure the ground around the chipper is free of limbs and other debris you might slip on.
  1. If you can, chip a mixture of dry and green limbs. The moisture in the green material will help lubricate and cool the chipper’s knives. A hot knife will lose its edge more quickly.
  1. It’s important to keep your chipper’s knives sharp. It’s a good idea to have them sharpened professionally to get the proper angle.

Now, what to do with all those chips?

  • Mulch for your garden.
  • Building paths
  • Bedding in stalls for horses or livestock.
  • This a great opportunity to use your imagination.

Then to move all these wood chips around, you’ll might consider a 4-in-1 bucket (US CA) for your tractor loader, if you don’t already have one. It’s a real multi-tool because with the optional third function valve added to your tractor, the bucket can be opened and closed. So it can function as a materials bucket, a dozing tool, a grading tool, and a grapple.

And remember, always read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment and follow all operating and safety instructions.

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