How to gravel a farm road using a drawn box scraper

Here’s a demonstration on how to gravel a farm road using a drawn box scraper. This implement is different than a box blade primarily in that it utilizes the tractor’s hydraulic system so you can raise and lower it as needed when smoothing gravel or other material. Watch the video and see how it’s done.

Every gravel surface needs maintenance. It’s just a fact of life. That’s especially true around a working ranch or farm where graveled areas get a lot of traffic with heavy equipment always moving in and out.

Along with our Frontier LL1210 Drawn Box Scraper (US CA), we’ll be using a John Deere 5115M Utility Tractor (US CA). We’ve also added an H260 loader with a lift capacity of over 3500 pounds (1587.57 kg), and a 73-inch (185.42 cm) loader bucket we’ll need for this job, and lots of others around the property.

First, we need some gravel.

We had a load of gravel positioned near the end of the farm road, so Caitlin has easy access to both the gravel and the road. First, she’ll drop a bucketful of gravel at several spots along the length of the farm road. Then she’ll start running over the tops of the gravel piles with the drawn box scraper to begin knocking them down and spreading the gravel out.

Finally, she’ll use the box scraper’s hydraulic system to raise and lower the box to fully distribute the gravel along the length of the farm road, creating a smooth, sturdy surface. This hydraulic feature really makes this drawn box scraper easy to use.

If you need to gravel a farm road, or maintain a small cattle feed lot, talk to your John Deere dealer about matching a Frontier Drawn Box Scraper to your tractor.

As always, remember to read the Operator’s Manual before operating any piece of equipment, and follow all operating and safety instructions.

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