Watch What Flail Mowers Can Do!

Today, we’ll show you why you should know about the Frontier Flail Mowers and what flail mowers can do for you.

Whether you have rough vegetation, turf grass, or both, a Frontier Flail Mower works effectively in either environment while also offering some other valuable features.

For this demonstration, we’ll match a Frontier FL1061 Flail Mower (US CA) with a John Deere 3038E Compact Utility Tractor (US CA). We’ll also match a Frontier FL1169 Flail Mower (US CA) with a John Deere 4075R Compact Utility Tractor (US CA). And finally, we’ll match the Frontier FL1169S Flail Mower (US CA) with that same John Deere 4075R Compact Utility Tractor.

Unlike a rotary cutter or grooming mower, which use revolving blades to cut vegetation, these flail mowers use a series of sharp-edged knives mounted on a rotor in staggered rows that cut the vegetation into small pieces. The result is a more finished-looking surface.

The Frontier Flail Mowers come in 3 configurations – fixed, mechanical offset, and hydraulic offset.

The FL10 Series flail mowers operate in a fixed, centered position behind the tractor. Just see what these flail mowers can do. With their vertical back panel, they can back up to a barn, garage, or other building to mow very closely to the structure without fear of damaging the tractor.

Like the FL10 Series, the FL11 Series mechanical offset flail mowers can operate in a centered position. Or, they can be manually offset to the right to operate outside the tractor’s path. This allows the operator to mow close to a structure, fence line, or other obstacle, again without fear of damaging the tractor.

The FL10S, FL11S and FL12S Series are all hydraulic offset mowers.

After backing the tractor into position, John connects the draft links to the flail mower draft link brackets using the connecting pins and locking pins.

He then attaches the top link to the flail mower and secures it with its locking pin. He connects the PTO shaft, attaches the safety chain, and attaches the hydraulic hoses. Then, using the hitch assist on this 4075R Compact Utility Tractor, he raises the flail mower slightly and moves the parking stands to operating position. He then secures the PTO shaft transport hook and moves the hydraulic offset locking pin to its operating position.

Now, see what these flail mowers can do!

The FL10S, LF11S, and FL12S mowers can all operate in a centered position, but their real advantage is they can be hydraulically offset to operate outside the tractor’s path. Even more, they can be hydraulically angled up or down to mow hillsides and ditches safely and easily.

This lineup of flail mower models can tackle a wide variety of mowing challenges – from turf grass, to converting a pasture into a food plot for deer, to tackling weeds, to mow roadside ditches, and more. Learn how one of these can make life better on your property at your John Deere dealer.

Frontier’s nearly 400 implements and attachments are designed, engineered, tested, and manufactured to fit and work with John Deere tractors. That’s a breadth and depth of equipment compatibility you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Always read the Operator’s Manual before operating or storing any piece of equipment, and follow all operating and safety instructions.

And remember, if you’re looking for equipment you can count on to get your job done with confidence, choose the Green-On-Green solution – John Deere and Frontier. Available only at your John Deere dealer.

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